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Regional Analysis

GEC specializes in conducting land cover analysis with historic trend assessment that enables decision makers to access their planning priority and natural resource management strategy.

Local Analysis

Global Ecosystem Center pioneers the use of remote sensing technology and land cover data to analyze and quantify ecosystem services and economic benefits provided by natural systems to local communities.

Carbon Analysis

GEC's carbon models are efficient terrestrial carbon calculation tools that utilize remote sensing technology and proven scientific methodologies.


Stormwater runoff is calculated using TR-55 Hydrologic Engineering model developed by the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Runoff calculations are determine the benefits of trees and other urban vegetation with respect to stormwater management. Formula applicable throughout the United States. Global scale application is in development.

Air Quality

Estimates storage of air pollutant in pounds in tree canopies. Dollar values for air pollutants based on average externality costs set by the State Public Service Commission in each state. It is based on UFORE models based on data collected in 55 U.S. cities.