Services | Urban Tree Canopy Assessment


Global Ecosystem Center, LLC has experience in conducting over 40 Urban Tree Canopy Assessments throughout the United States. Communities can also use this information to examine and review their growth and development policies. Planners and builders can test scenarios and measure the potential impact on trees, open space, environmental quality, and ultimately their communities' livability.

Each Urban Tree Canopy Assessment uses GIS technology to power ecological models developed by the scientific and engineering communities to calculate the work trees, soil, and other vegetation do to reduce pollution and manage stormwater.



Scientifically valid, peer-reviewed methodology
Provide decision makers with a dollar value
Maps the structure, function, and economic value of the land
Over 40 Urban Tree Canopy Assessments conducted throughout the US.
Powerful scenario modeling
Use of GIS technology, scientific, and engineering models
Visualize land cover change in easy-to-understand maps, tables, graphs, and charts
Provides source data for analysis at regional, county, or municipal scales
Allows collaborative urban resource planning
Provides a comprehensive land cover inventory, along with the means to monitor conditions over time through change detection analysis.


The final land cover classification seamlessly integrates with all GIS software products and can be incorporated with existing workflows and GIS data layers. Land cover change results can be visualized in easy-to-understand maps, tables, graphs, and charts valuable for public policy and public education and the results allow for collaborative urban resource planning across multiple departments.